In the world of consumer products, packaging serves as the face of a brand—a silent yet powerful communicator that can captivate and entice potential buyers. Sentient Nomad, has worked on various biscuit brands for Mass Industries.

We aimed at crafting packaging designs that not only protected the biscuits but also mirrored each brand’s identity. The objectives were clear: to create packaging that not only stood out on store shelves but also forged an emotional connection with consumers.


We engaged with focus groups and conducted consumer studies. This feedback loop allowed for refinement, ensuring the packaging resonated with the target audiences and reflected their preferences. The designs underwent numerous iterations, with Sentient Nomad working closely with each biscuit brand. Fine-tuning details and making adjustments were integral in perfecting the packaging designs.


We also created TV and Radio commercials, as well as organized nation-wide brand activations.

At Sentient Nomad, our packaging design isn’t merely about aesthetics—it’s about creating an impactful consumer experience. It’s about crafting packaging that doesn’t just hold a product, but elevates the entire brand narrative, leaving a lasting impression and fostering brand loyalty.



The brands include: Bonita biscuits, All Day biscuits and Lola.